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     Doan Chua Thang Thien is the St. Louis, MO branch of the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society. The Society is a non-profit organization working under the leadership of the Catholic Church. Through apostolate services, it aims to teach youths to be exemplary citizens and good Christians.

     Doan Chua Thang Thien resides at Resurrection of Our Lord church. You can contact us here. More information about the Society is available at the main Society website.

General Information and Activities for the Chapter:

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society is a non-profit organization, under the leadership of the Catholic Church.  The goals of the Eucharistic Youth Society are:

-         To educate youths in both social and spiritual life and help them become better people and responsible Christians.

-         To organize and guide all youths and help them become more aware of the Church's mission to the World by engaging in the spreading or Good News, and be involved in working for the good of society through apostolate services, in serving others.

Chua Thang Thien is the Saint Louis chapter of this organization.

               Sunday activity time is from 11:30AM to 12:30PM except for the summer months. This time are reserved for Eucharistic adoration, Sunday mass for children, activities for youths of the chapter, and/or lessons and activities for different age groups.

Other 2011-2012 activities include Christmas play performance for Resurrection of our Lord, retreat for coordinating leaders, dance performance for Vietnamese New Year for the Vietnamese community and Resurrection of Our Lord, rosary campaign for Lent, picnic at the Saint Louis Zoo, dance performance for Mother’s Day, retreat for all youths at Lavang Center, chapter anniversary activities at Lavang Center, chapter camping trip to Meramec State Park, and fundraising activities.

Information and Activities by Age Groups:

1. Seedling (Ấu Nhi):

               Seedling is a group consisted of fledging members the ages of seven to nine years old.  Generally, the boys and girls at these ages are active, inquisitive, and fond of nature.  The members wear the green scarf, the verdant color of a young wheat ling, to symbolize their innocence.

Seeding activities for 2011-2012 include scout and Christian songs, dance songs, Obedience lesson, youth games, and Bible lessons.

2. Search (Thiếu Nhi):

Search is a group consisted of pre-adolescent youths between the ages of ten and twelve.  Generally, the members during these ages are becoming more aware of their physical and emotional changes. The members of this group wear the navy blue scarves, which symbolize their unfathomed uniqueness and identity with a great hope of life and society.

Search activities for 2011-2012 include making rosary bead, class folder decoration, learning Christian and scout activity songs, learning dance songs, scouts’ lines and formations, Morse and decoding message, sport activities, Receiving Communion lesson, Church Liturgical Year lesson, Purposes of Eucharistic Youth presentation, trivia day, Christmas activity, Lunar New Year activity, Saint Patrick Day activity, guest speaker days, scavenger hunt, and end of year party.

3. Companion (Nghĩa Sĩ):

Companion is a group consisting of adolescents between the ages of thirteen and fifteen.  The adolescents at these ages begin to consolidate their emerging values and beliefs.  Thus, the canary yellow scarf worn by the members symbolizes the sunrise of the youths before coming into their adult ages, and the manifestation of the heart, the opening of one's life to others.

Companion activities for 2011-2012 include roller skate field trip to Rollercade, Morse, songs, Cheating and Lying and their Consequences lesson, Personal Discipline lesson, Building Confidence lesson, Gifts and Endowment lesson, Halloween Party, Knots, Origin of Eucharistic Youth lesson, Offering Ourselves & Praying lesson, Christmas party, scouts’ lines and formation, Good Conscience lesson, Benefits of Receiving Communion, Biography of St. Paul lesson , Hope lesson, Game Night, Morse competition.

4. Knight of Eucharist (Hiệp Sĩ):

Knight of Eucharist is a group consisting of young adults between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. Members of this group focus on personal growth as Christians and future leaders. The members of this group wear the brown scarves.

Activities for Level I for 2011-2012 include roller skate field trip to Rollercade, Halloween Party, retreat fieldtrip to Eucharistic Youth chapter in Ohio, game and activity planning lesson, Eucharistic Youth Rules and Regulations lesson, Eucharistic adoration, Morse, scout signs and direction symbols, knots, and trivia and competition against Companion level, and attending National Knight of Eucharist Convention in Carlinville, IL.
               Activities for Level II for 2011-2011 include teaching assignments at Seedling, Search, or Companion groups, teaching evaluations, and attending coordinating leader regional training camp in Charlestown, IN.

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